Friday, July 11, 2008


During the past few weeks, I've been receiving bulk of emails almost everyday from old skool frens. We are creating a network thru emails because some of them can't access the Net in the office (except for emails). Most of them are doing well with their jobs. And kinda exercising my fingers more often in order to reply all the mails.

We have reunite!

Let me recall some of them:

1. Along @ Marziah - this particular buddy doesn't need any refreshment from me, since we left the high skool, she's the only one I still contacting till these days. She works in AmBank KL. You know she likes Maths and I think her job suits her well. Married with two kids with En Majdan (works in the same office). She's expecting her third child anyway.

2. Alang @ Zawi - I used to contact her after SPM, she even overnight in my rental house together with Along once - while I was still study - few years back. But then, we lost contact. She works in a company that sells expensive watches online - u can't access the web because they aim for oversea's market. She's an admin exec in a company in Bandar Utama.

3. Sue - she is the first person who approached me while in the midst of searching our old frens. She found me first via my FP, sent me an email, asking - Is this Sharifah Azwani? I replied yes, and I know she is Suziana Mohamad. She works in Wisma Putra as a PA and soon will be flying to Algeria. Just married.

4. Ida - Sue found her thru googling. Sent an email and yes, she's in the line already. She works as a Pen Peg at Kraftangan. We were in the same class back then together with Along, Zirah, Fiza, Aji, Mukhlis, Apis, Zetty. U can update on her via here. Gonna get married soon

5. Ayu - connected her thru Sue. Gonna get married soon

6. Atie - also from Sue. She works in Kolej Islam Antarabangsa. Married with two kids.

7. Fadzni - also from Sue/Ayu.

8. Azni - she's a reporter with Seri Dewi and Keluarga (Karangkraf)

9. Achik @ Isma - She works as a Staff Nurse (Fertility) in HKL.

10. Zirah - a teacher in Shah Alam, married with one child

11. Azfa - a teacher in MCKK

12. Zamzarina

13. Hafiza - married with a daughter

14. Shurazi @ Aji - works in Putrajaya, gonna get married soon.

15. Nezy - works in CIMB. Married with a boy, expecting her 2nd child due next month.

And some more, sorry if I didn't put ur name here, I can't remember well.

Sue is working on a website to gather all of us. Thanx Sue, can't wait to join meself!

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