Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Started from yesterday, I'm sending my kiddos to a nursery near my office - Taska Shanana. I really hope that I can rely on this nursery. Yet, Papa still insists he would prefer me being a housewife. I tried to convince him to give some 3-4 years of working life. After that, I will consider of quitting my job.

I love my job - it's a job that related to my interests in computer design/arts. That's why I felt 'heavy' to quit, at least not now. But what I hate most is the management. They don't manage the work schedules efficiently that all of us in production team always end up staying back everyday and felt tired all-week long.

But, thank God that now we have a new Publishing Manager - Mr. Ian (he insisted to call him just Ian). I think he's very understandable and I really hope that he'll bring some changes to the company. He also expressed his thoughts - what for u stayback if in the end of the day, you cannot give the most of you towards the company? What he meant was, what for the management forced us to stayback almost everyday, if the body and mind has already tired. U still can't deliver the very best of u. It's better that u try to finish ur work and go home on time, have some good rest and sleep, then the next day you'll come to work feeling fresh. I totally agree with him.

It's not that we cannot stayback at all, at times yes, we have to, as an adult, you know when u got a deadline then u gotta make sure that u can deliver on time, that's when u stayback.

But not everyday please. Some of us got hubby/wifey + kiddos at home to entertain. And we should have some time for ourselves also right?

Being in this line for almost 7 years already, I know I missed a lot of things. I seldomly have time for my hobby - cooking. I love to cook, trying new recipes but till now I never have a proper time to polish my skills. What I cooked everyday nowadays are just the usual recipes. Nothing special. I have a lot of recipes collections but still got no time to try it out.

Back to the nursery. Yesterday, at first Haqimie was quite excited when I told him that he is going to school. But when we reached there, it was Qayyum that excited and Haqimie looked sad when we went off.

But after picked them up, I can see that Haqimie is happy to be at the school. All night long kept singing cheekily 'Twinkle-twinkle little star'. And today, I can see his spirit of going to the nursery has risen up. He just went straight into the nursery with happy face. Alhamdulillah...

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