Monday, July 7, 2008

Sound like confirmation

Yesterday's evening, we went to the Pavillion KL coz Papa wanted to see the mega sales displays since his ex-colleague said it was superb. But the result turned out to be just ok. Nothing special about it. And I don't really fancy to go there since the place so full of branded boutiques which I know I can't afford - easier to say 'tempat orang-orang kaya shopping'. I never like to go to Bukit Bintang Area coz we know our own standard, we didn't belong to such places. So, I urged Papa to view the displays as qucikly as he can, so we can 'chow chin chow' faster. But he asked us to go to Starbucks in KL Plaza, where we had the usual mocha ice-blended and chicken sandwiches.

Then, we went to Tesco when Enal called us. I know it must be about the 'hot' news that surrounded Papa's relatives recently. And Papa promised to Enal to come over his house after we finish our monthly grocery's shopping at Tesco Mutiara Damansara. We bought some of the stuffs to fill in the goodies bag for our Qayyum birthday (he turns 1 by the way) on 15th July to be distributed among the children in the nursery. I decided to buy only 'healthy' stuffs such as cheese sandwiched biscuits and layer cake instead of sweets or other non-vitamin-enriched-contained food. Hmm also I heard there will be another 'makan-makan' occasion in Enal and Yus's house next Sunday - which earlier I planned to hold a birthday party for Qayyum. But I told Papa why not we just join them and celebrate it in their house - it will minus my house chores for that day! And Papa agreed ::wink::

I'm thinking of cooking bolognaise spaghetti (even though I know that Papa won't eat it - but somebody else may be). It was so boring if I was to cook the same fried meehoon, right? And maybe I'll add up some drummets, squid balls, or whatever. Then, yes of coz, I'll have to buy a cake.

We had dinner at their place, Yus cooked ayam goreng kicap, sayur kobis, telur dadar, sambal ikan bilis.

Back to the 'hot' issue: we heard from BIL's side of story. Hmm quite sad to hear, really. How can a wife treat her husband like ***? I can't reveal more since it's a personal issue among the family. I'd like to share my thoughts, but I think it's better that I keep it to myself. Am afraid if my writings could hurt a lot of people.

But I pray to Allah not to make our marriage life just like them. Amin...

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