Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I like this movie. As I always loved this 'kind' of movie. Harry Potter's series, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Twilight Saga. It was really my 'genre' of movie.

The side effects were all great. Recommended.

Movie: Despicable Me

We watched Despicable Me last month. Ok la quite fun but not as fun as Toy Story 3. But the kiddos loved the movie. The story line was okay, filled with some moral lessons. Being a bad person doesn't mean u havta be one forever. There's sure some soft spots in you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Qayyum's birthday

Happy birthday, Qayyum.

Anyway, yesterday I was on MC. Some kind of food poisoning.

I started felt sick when we were having dinner at Johhny’s Steamboat. At first I thought it’s because the tight inner I wore inside my blouse. But Papa already had diorrhea shortly before that. He said he drank the 100 Plus that was left inside the car the whole day. And I drank that one too. Then, maybe the drink was the culprit then because our two kids didn’t have any problem.

That nite, I can’t sleep well because I had an uneasy stomach. The next morning, while I showered, I puked. Then, I thought I have to get an MC. After Papa and the kids went off, I continued my sleep coz I felt headache. It continued until they came back around 7 pm. But still we have to go out since I have to get an authorized MC from the panel clinic. And also to buy a cake for Qayyum’s birthday to be brought to the nursery.

We went to Giant but no cake shop found. Then we stopped by at DS and I saw Berry’s. I bought a chocolate cheese cake I think. Then we had dinner at KNK. I didn’t each much yesterday, maybe because my stomache still uneasy, I just had some maggi tomyam for lunch and 2 bites of cream bun. All because I want to swallow the pills. At KNK, I took ½ plate beriyani rice, some gravy of fish curry and meat gravy and 1 pc of ikan tenggiri and it cost RM9! Erk. My appetite hadn’t come to normal yet, but luckily my two kids finished it off.

A review: World Cup 2010

I’m not a fan of football. And I’m not going to talk about Spain or Holland/Netherland. I don’t even watched the final and I don’t know who won until En Koji told me that afternoon.

I took a half day on Monday, because I felt so lazy to go to work. But I already bathed and ironed my clothes when I received M’s sms saying that she’s taking a half day. So…I switched on the computer and start facebooking … early in the morning. And I already decided to take a half day. I smsed J at 9.30 a.m. She didn’t reply until one hour later with the saying:

“Noted. Pls be reminded that u have a deadline to meet.”

I didn’t reply.

Movie: The Twilight Saga (Eclipse)

I don’t know why I always felt a bit disappointed (afterwards) when I watched all the three movies. Maybe, still, they were not up to my (high) expectations kot. Such a turn down to me anyway. Maybe I really hope the storyline will be much the same as they were in the novels. I expected Breaking Dawn next year also will be my another disappointment.

I love the storyline in the novels but not when they were interpreted into movies. I understand that somehow they need to be altered here and there, but don’t know la. Maybe I’ll feel better if I watched the movies first before I read the novels.

And for me, in Eclipse there were too much talking, kissing, and flash backs. Quite boring. And thank God the tickets were all free, otherwise I’ll felt wasted. Might as well I wait for the DVD to come out. The vampires’ actions not too much to be watched. And I don’t like the fact that they changed Victoria’s character to someone too cute for a full-of-revenge vampire. I think they should have stick to the original Victoria. Her face much more suitable for an angry vampire. And did they changed Rosalie’s character too? I think she was a different person in the first sequel.


By anonymous

I bloghopped one day and I found two blogs. One of the blog’s owner was somehow ‘related’ to me years ago. She used to be one of my bff. As I read through her blog, I found that she had changedin the past years. Changed a lot, I might say. Another one is a friend of hers. One of the new friend, I guess.

I don’t know, I don’t know what to say actually when I saw her face once again. I don’t know whether I hate her or just want to find something more about her in recent years. Like, what happened after we splitted up, what happened after I left the rented condo that I used to live with them for years. What? Why? Who? Where? Which? When? How? All the question-words occurred in my mind. How could they did all the things they did to me just because one day they found out that I’m not suitable for their (she and her sis) circle of friends? Indeed.

I can see that she is now more sociable than ever. Had a lot of new friends, a new group to mingle with. Someone that suits their lifestyle. Rather than me, a forgotten long lost friend that maybe they’re not even bother to think of. I felt sad. And insulted in a way. How people can easily forget someone they used to rely on? But people changed, nobody’s perfect. Correct. But I never forget what they did to me. Forever (or maybe until I get amnesia or something). They’re not the people I should easily forget, bcoz they hurt me so much in many ways. No, I don’t planned any revenge though, it’s just something I regret at times. I really hope I never met them in the first place. There are so many people out there who deserves to be my BFF. And certainly, they were not the ones. I pity myself for ever involved in their life.

I hope they live happily ever after.

Movie: Toy Story 3

I never watched the first 2 movies, and I don't really into cartoons unless the ones from my childhood days like Smurf, My Name is Jem, and so on. But since I have two boys who loves cartoons so much, we went to watch Toy Story 3 at TCM. RM22 for all 4 of us. Great bargain. Ate at this café (3 cafes combined), I ate Teriyaki NZ Beef with rice and vege (nice), En Koji ate Nasi Ayam shared with Qayyum (and En Koji said it was sedap, which I think ok mmg sedap coz En Koji is not the ‘café’ type person so it must be really sedap then). Haqimie had Hailam Meehoon which I think also sedap la kot based on his concentration on that food.) And En Koji ordered Eggs Fried Rice which he said sedap also. So, it’s really worth coz I’m the one who paid for the dinner.

*Image by Google

Overall, I never imagined that Toy Story 3 is such a great movie, at least to me coz I’m not a cartoon lover. But this movie is good, I laughed all the way and cried also, sedih la near-ending dia. At first I thought, alamak am I gonna watch cartoons? Haha… but seriously, recommended.

Anyways, works as always, hectic and headache. Got to finish the whole English Y6 by next week. She rushed us all with exception in F’s case. She’s so special indeed. She can always drag her deadline whenever she feel like to.

When I was gossiping with M yesterday’s evening near her car, suddenly I saw J at her car. Alamak, so we changed our subject quickly, and J called for me and told me that she’s going to watch Eclipse. So, me being covered up, asked her did she get her tix already? She said she bought it already last Sunday. Then she offered me to buy the tickets coz if she’s using her CC she can get 'buy 2 free 2' tix (which I think quite interesting but Cineleisure is not my fave cinema). Then, I said nevermind. She offered me again and again. When En Koji arrived, I told him about that and he said why not? So, embarrassed as I am, I sms J and asked her to buy the tix for me. Hahaha…what a shame. So, we got the tix for tonite’s show at 10 pm. Yeah 10 pm and probably ends by 12 am and tomorrow is Saturday and I’m working. Definitely great.

Hmm, J called me just now. She handed me some stuffs and also the tix. I gave her the money but she said she belanja me. She thought I’ll be going with my friends but when I said I’m gonna bring my sons along, she said, really aah? Yes, of coz, (I hope they can behave themselves though)..ahahah. Well thanx for belanja anyway. But all those came with some tazkirah (a short one) from her.

J: Sh** u know la rite, we are going to rush this project, if u think you can’t cope up, pls arrange ur time, whether u come early or stayback….


Me: Hmm, I’ll see to it…(then cepat2 blah, before her ‘tazkirah’ become ‘ear candy’).

Well, yeay…am gonna watch Eclipse for sure tonite (or Edward to be specific). And I really hope the kiddos will behave, they should be.

Had lunch at Naina Mohamed KD with M and we met AM there. Sat at the same table (he asked us anyway), and we talked none other than office matters. I bought for them coz since J didn’t want me to pay for the tix, so I belanja them la. Amal jariah once in a while. Anyway, to me this mamak restaurant is very different from other of its kind. It’s cheaper and tasty altogether. Very worth for money.