Monday, April 13, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Congrats to Salwa and Rahman

This congrats is for Salwa @ Along, Mak Ndak's eldest daughter who got engaged last Saturday (4th April 2009 - which was her birthday - and again, we share the same month!). Ramai pulak family belah hubby ni yang happened to lahir in April which include Papa, MIL, Zara, Salwa, Hafiz, Ika, me....

Her fiance is Rahman. They will be getting married in June.


Congrats to new parents, Yus & Enal. Their baby girl was born on 2nd April 2009 at Hospital Sungai Buloh (we share the same birth month, baby!).

It was a surprise indeed because the doctor who scanned her tummy predicted the baby is a boy - twice but it came out as a girl.

Her name is Zara Nurkasih (I dunno the exact spelling tho..)

Well, that's my beloved Papa who is a short-haired already. And that's Mak Ndak and Mak Ngah (the pink blouse - who ever came to know my hubby's family, pls do not confuse, this is not my MIL but her twin sister, Mak Ngah Pahang as they call her).

Yes, they did look the same but as time goes by, u can differentiate them easily.But their features and voice are almost the same.

[Cerita Basi] Cooking

[Cerita Basi] Restoran Anjung Rumbia

Kalau tak silap If I'm not mistaken the name of the restaurant is Anjung Rumbia.Located in Section 3, KD.

Got some anjungs outside the restaurant which is their signature trademark and made the kiddos excited. Overall, just okay la the food, we ordered Sup Tulang, Daging Masak Merah and Anjung Rumbia Chicken Wings.

But, Papa still prefers Vicchuda above all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Abah dalam kenangan

Abah mentua meninggal Jumaat lepas, 27 Mac 2009, 7 pm sebab kencing manis. Even though dia hanya abah mentua, but i do love him dearly like my own father. Rasa macam x sangka dia dah takde...