Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last Nite's Dinner

Me cooked Ayam Masak Kicap.

Top-up with left over sambal ikan bilis.

Keje lagi

Am supposed to be on my Saturday leave today, but due to so many works plus Awien is still on EL, me have to come to work. Sigh!

Giler boring! And Haqimie is having a fever.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nasi Lemak

Last nite, got no idea of what to cook. Then, I decided to cook nasi lemak - the easiest la kot since sumer ada in one shot, no need to cook so many lauk and all that kan.

Ni la kerja aku...

Actually, am in working mode rite now even tho it is lunch time. Terpaksa la, kan ke tanak stayback after work, luckily I brought some kuihs to munch on.

This is what am working rite now. Doing the 2nd proofs of English F4....

Late again

Ari ni lambat jugak, adeh la

Dah la si Mrs Boss suruh aku stayback, tak koser okeh... so I decided to replace the time at lunch hour.

Awien still x datang, maybe anak dia still tak sihat kot.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm late!

Heheh, title tu macam la tak besa datang lambat pulak.

But, today is different, I took off from the house quite early, but I dunno why, be it highway or normal road, everywhere were jammed this morning. A long, I mean very long queue, u see. Every other day memang la jam jugak, tapi today so packed! So, I arrived at the office at 9.30 am, that will make me have to stay until 6.30 pm la.

I'm keying in Geog F3's Jawapan coz the writer didn't provide the soft copy. Nasib baik la just, ABCD otherwise kalau macam SPM punya harus la very long sentences one. Even tho I dun mind to type but sometimes it will be quite tiring for me, am no Secretary yang used to typing, me type langsung takde etika, jari2 berterabur aje, ikut dan mana yang sempat ketuk je la.

Hmm, Awien still not coming. I wonder whether his son OK already or not. She didn't smsed me anything. Maybe at lunch hour time, I'll give a call/text to her.

Today Nisa brought keropok keping yang goreng pulak. Hmm lazat!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Still bz

Today am still bz like hell. Am continuing Geog F3 - 1st proofs which had been on and off due to I had to finalise English projects. Itu pun Mrs Boss ada gak menyelit asking me to do the analysis PMR. Duh!

For breakfast, I had mihun goreng + rendang daging. Nisa brought some keropok lekor that she bought from Terengganu, so I had some of them also.

Lunch hour, I just had 1 pc of fried popiah and 2 pcs of sardine and potatoes curry puffs each. Also some of the keropok lekor. Since I forgot to bring my own condensed milk, so I asked Mr Art Director to buy one for me. It's menjimatkan rather than u tapau from local mamak restaurant or buy the canned one from 7E, rite?

Awien's son still not ok, the doc said he got the asthma attack, and last nite she texted me saying that she had to overnite in the hospital due to her son's condition.

Hope Uwais getting okay!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Line not clear

Mr Art Director buat kerja kat belakang aku, so agak terbatas la nak mengupdate blog ni. Dah la ari ni kena finalkan English F1 pulak, after lunch baru nak print tracing papers.

Yesterday, first time masak Ayam Asam Pedas, dah lama dah nak try tapi mcm takde kesempatan + takde orang yang nak merasa (I mean Papa la, dia kan payah sikit kalau masak lain dari kebiasaan).

Sebab selalu sgt tgk dalam mags, online recipes ramai yang masak ayam asam pedas, normally ikan tu biasa la kan. So I gave a try la. Hmm okey la, sama je rasa macam ikan asam pedas jugak.

Makan dengan cencaluk dan serunding daging yang Yong bagi ari tuh.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Lunch @ Sunday 23 November 2008

Haqimie requested Chicken Rice for lunch. So masak la, simple aje, takde beria2 pon.

Sup + nasi tu untuk Qayyum.

Breakfast @ Sunday 23 November 2008

This is what I cooked for breakfast yesterday's morning.

Mee Sanggul Goreng, Cucur Bawang + Udang, Sandwich Sardin.

Last week pon makan mee sanggul, but yesterday's the final one, takde stok dah.

On Friday's nite, got no idea of what to cook. So I decided to cook fried rice and ayam masak kicap je.

Walimatul Urus dari Ida

Ida, aku dah dapat kad kawin purple ko tuh, cantik la, cam poket-poket gitu.

Anyway, aku tak leh janji tau leh pegi ke tak, husband aku tu bz memanjang nak dekat ujung tahun ni. Insya Allah kay...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Smalam Papa ada monthly department dinner kat Chilli's (MV kot). Then, dia tapaukan us ngan lamb chop.

Verdict: OK la, sedap gak... (orang banjer, of koz la sedap kan?)

Ready to be heated in the microwave

Dinner @ Thursday 20 November 2008

Last nite, me cooked Sambal Tumis Udang, Ayam Goreng Kunyit, Sambal Cencaluk (thanx to Awien bagi kat aku last Monday), Bayam Masak Air.


My blog don't have so much of models. So balik-balik anak-anakku aje la other than Papa :)

What a Friday?

Hmm memula nak citer what happened this very morning....

Ok... started with Haqimie's tantrum, dah mandi ngan Papa, tetiba buat hal apa ntah, tanak pakai baju pulak. Suruh masuk keta pon still tak berbaju. Dah la aku dan Papa memang dah lambat nih.

Dah kena cubit dalam keta baru nak pakai baju. Ok done.

Tetiba si Qayyum pulak, minum susu pastuh suap kuih seketul kecil alih2 dia muntah la pulak, on my lap! Adoi.... aku paksa Papa patah balik ke rumah, nasib baik tak sampai kat jalan besar lagi. Balik umah, macam malas nak salin baju, I just washed the affected areas and rub with Softlan, then amik baju spare untuk Qayyum salin dalam keta.

Skali aku tgk jam dah pukul 9 dah. Adoi la, sms la Mrs Boss kata anak muntah bla bla bla, dan direply dengan OK.

Sampai opis lebib kurang 9.30 am, ajak Awien gi pantry. Sambil basuh lagi baju kurung ngan Breeze pulak then terus buat morning coffee.

Hmm... today I have to take over Shima's work on Geography that she didn't manage to finish when she left the company just like that. Menyampah la nak sambung kerja orang yang takde sistem. Tunggang langgang ok style sheet dia.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As predicted, Mrs Boss called us for meeting - none other about the 'cleanliness' of the office. See - Mrs PA is such a YM, kejap je dah buat aduan kat Mrs Boss.

Mrs Boss asked us who left the lunch boxes full with fungi in the pantry - as predicted also, Mrs PA accused one of us in the editorial and production department, but me being a witness, told Mrs Boss that I saw Koo, one of the marketing officer, ate at the pantry yesterday and left the lunch box(es). And us of course trying to defense ourselves since it was not us she can call the culprits. She said she will talk to the marketing officer.

Other arising matters, of course about leaves, EL, MC, bla bla bla and also our work progress.

Assignment for today

This is the 1st proofs of English F3 that are going to be the 2nd proofs. Dateline is today, but I guess I'll be finishing only by tomorrow due to so many corrections.

Dinner @ Monday 17 November 2008

Sambal Ikan dan Telur Dadar

Simple je.

~Ntah hape-hape~

If u notice, my captions not tally to those pixies posted.

Ahahahah.... maleh nak betulkan daa... bukannya ada people nak baca pon.

Anw, this morning I managed to cook fried rice for breakfast.

And just now, suddenly Mrs PA aka Mrs Boss' sister came in and yelled, talking about the 'cleanliness' of the pantry as if our department was responsible for the mess up made by others. I just don't give her any damn attention. As if they are so 'clean' enough to talk about cleanliness.

Sometimes I just hated to stay in this office especially when it comes to 'family-infused' business. Like in here. Mr Boss and Mrs Boss are hubby and wife. Mrs PA is the Mrs Boss' sister, and her hubby is Mr Marketing Asst Manager. Geddit?

One thing about Mrs PA is (as we called her YM - Yahoo Messenger) - all the things happened in the office will be reported immediately to Mrs Boss, like who came late to the office, who throw this, who whatever, whatever.... then later Mrs Boss will called us for meeting and kababom!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Random pixies

All these pixies were taken using my camera phone so some of it might be blurry.

Tangga opis

Last Friday's dinner - Satays

Tapau - ikan keli bakar

Secret Recipe - Hi Fibre Cheesecake

Secret Recipe - Chocolate Indulgence

Dinner @ Saturday 15 November 2008

Tonite I cooked Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api - Haqimie @ Abang's fave.

Cold Sunday

Yesterday was a cold day, rite?

Nothing much to do, Papa was working (yes, sumtimes on Sundays), before that we went to Kg Subang to have our breakfast. Papa's fave spot - nasi lemak tu, but me had lontong - marvellous!

After Papa left to work, me and the kiddos spent the whole morning vacuuming the front hall. Qayyum was tired enough, I guess, as shown in this pix below, hold his teddy bear tightly.

While he was sleeping, I took the chance to cook our lunch. Simple enough, I just cooked Ikan Masak Taucu and Ayam Masak Cili Api.

Ikan Masak Taucu

Ayam Masak Cili Api

Penat ke?

While I was cooking, Haqimie was on the computer, watching POCOYO vcd.

The brothers


Breakfast pagi tu, Mi Sanggul Goreng dengan Cucur Ikan Bilis.

Bahagianya cuti ari Sabtu (sian kan?)

Tapi Papa ada tapau roti telur jugak untuk kiddos.

Friday Nite's activity(ies)

Qayyum melepak

Before me started cooking the Sardines Curry, me folded the clothes. Hmm rajin kan, ngeh!

Dinner @ Friday 14 November 2008

This is my first time to cook and taste Sardines Curry.

Sardines Curry and Fried Pekasam Fish

I became interested to try this recipe when I blog-hopped in Peej.

Haqimie was reciting a 'doa makan'

For me, the taste is just like ordinary fish curry. But to Papa, as usual, being a typical food chooser, he even complained before he tasted it. Saying, Mama suka buat lauk merepek-repek, ngeh!

He still ate it (have to, otherwise he'll be starving) saying OK la... (dengan muka berkerut-kerut tak leh terima masakan lain daripada biasa)....

Papa kena paksa dan diajar baca doa makan oleh Haqimie :)

Nampaknya, if I were to crave this kind of curry, gotta make it when Papa's not around!

Friday @ 14th November 2008

Was finishing my BM F4 for Mr Manager to check and the 2nd proofs for BM F3 is already in. Anyway, Mrs Boss called me and Awien in to her office to tell us about our English series - she asked me to stop my BM F3, bcoz she wanted me to start the English F3 ASAP - kira macam potong q la, suka cenggitu tau, mementang la this is her company and she is in-charge for English subjects, sesuka je nak potong q other editors. But I said, I don't want to stop on my BM, because I prefer to do one by one so less confusing. Thank God she listened.

And my Saturday leave was approved. Yeay!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dinner @ Thursday 14 November 2008

After a long break from cooking dinner (that's the main reason why I don't have any updates - me x masak maaa), yesterday I cooked something. Just 1 dish and that's it, since Papa balik pon pukul 11 pm, takde maknanya nak masak beria when the kiddos were around.

Qayyum pulak asal Mama dia hilang mesti nak cari suruh duduk dekat dia, abih camno, nak masak beria sket, nak-nak pulak yesterday dia ada light-light demam sket.

Tomorrow I'll be on my Saturday leave. The other day, Awien told me that she checked with Mrs PA, that mine still got 4 Saturdays whereas I thought I only have 2. Well, that doesn't make any sense anyway since in this office u'll never know whether u can get ur Saturday leave especially when the time to perah tenaga dah datang, like now. We all need to finalise all Kick Start's series by end of this month.

What's more, Mrs Boss told me that I got no annual leave left, in fact I already hutang 2 days, and she said make sure I don't take any leave until dapat balik the 14 days allocated. Otherwise, she got no choice other than cut off my salary (yea, yea...bab potong gaji memang laju).

No idea

Lama giler x update, no idea la... lagipon line x berapa nak clear la pulak, si Puan Besar asik kuar masuk, dah la tu The Manager also sama. Orang kuar 5 minit awal nak gi tapau depan opis pon nak kecoh.

Also sejak Mr Art Director pinjam camera ari tuh, langsung macam malas nak amik gambar dah. Last Tuesday was Papa's Annual Dinner, I asked him to bring the camera along, boleh la menambah seri di blog ku, malangnya terlupa sudah.... so takde makna nak update blog.

Anyway, skang ni musim nak memfinal our Questions Bank series - diberi nama Kick Start...

As I always wished before, teringin nak buat other subjects selain English kan, have been granted la...

After I finished my English Form 3 and Form 4 (1st proofs), they gave me Moral F4 pulak. In between, me have to help Nisa with her Science Paper 2 Form 3. Kena buat 3 portions - Assessment 1, Assessment 2 and Answers.

Later, I continued my Moral F4. Then Mr Manager gave me BM F3 pulak. Then finished, he gave me BM F4 pulak... Now am running BM F4, well, I must say, I have to do a lot of typing since the editors just pasted from what the writer gave them, without soft copies attached!

Later maybe I'll put some pixies la on my projects.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lunch box @ Tuesday 4th November 2008


I brought broccoli with minced beef and sambal cencaru...


Last Monday, Papa bought some food, so I don't need to cook for dinner (unfortunately I still have to cook since am going to bring my lunch box the next day).

This is what we have for dinner.

Bihun Sup Utara

Round murtabak

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, 2nd November 2008

Spring cleaning the whole morning. Breakfast makan nasi goreng and teh tarik.

Then, after Zohor, went to a neighbour's house for their daughter's engagement ceremony. Had a little rice, with mutton kurma, fried long beans. Can't eat much since am holding Qayyum on my lap while menyuap Haqimie.

After that, terus pegi ke Giant Batu Caves, coz Papa got something to eye.

Sempat merembat candles, RM4.90 aje.

Haqimie once again requested KFC, duh! KFC lagik. I can't take it anymore, so I just kuis sana kuis sini, suap Qayyum ajer. Plus tak berapa lapar sangat maybe sebab makan nasi goreng paginya.

Enal called, tanya ada plan ke malam ni (agak-agak je, dah tentu dia call Papa, ehehhe). Plan to dinner together after 8.30 pm.
So, ajak Papa pegi kedai baju kat Subang sebab ingat nak beli blouses macam ari tuh, unfortunately, tak ada la pulak, so singgah ke kedai sebelahnya, terbeli satu blouse kaler purple, towel untuk kiddos. Thought nak beli children's belt tapi takde.

On the way dari Batu Caves tu, singgah kejap kat kawasan kite flying.







Then, ajak Papa ke Sec 3 KD (eceh, area opis le tuh), nak potong rambut sikit. When we arrived there, ternampak segerombolan manusia, oooo rupa-rupanya ada shooting untuk Gitu-Gitu Apek kat Restoran Thai Diana tuh. Betul-betul sebelah saloon.





Papa stay dalam keta sbb Qayyum tido.

Aku masuk saloon ditemani oleh Haqimie yang menyibuk nak ikut. Since dia keboringan, aku suruh Haqimie snappy2 gambar the crews. Eheheh, siap ah moi pekerja saloon tu pon sibuk dok ajar Haqimie focus. Dan aku pulak dah terpengaruh dengan suggestion si hairstylist nak potong rambut shoulder-length, ada layered pastu fringe bagai. Time dia potong tu, alamak! Bulatnya muka jadik! Adeh.

Self-appointed photographer

Mama's hair being cut

Haqimie's new friend - kena paksa tangkap gambar

Kena RM30 altogether (wash, cut + treatment shampoo), itu pon dia pujuk aku buat treatment tambah RM19 aje, tapi aku kemalasan, lagi pon aku guna duit Papa, ada rasa bersalah sket. Sila salahkan gaji aku yang tak masuk lagik. Grrr....

Jeng jeng jeng tunjuk kat Papa rambut baru. Looked surprised! Hahhah, tapi he said okay la, for a change, takde la asik layered pattern yang sama aje.

Even Qayyum bangun tido pon tercengang-cengang tgk muka Mama dia dah lain, ahahahha....

Since sebelum ke saloon, Papa dah terbau-bau durian kat tepi jalan, time balik tu pi singgah. Makan la diorang anak beranak tak dan-dan dalam keta. Aku jamah seulas aje.

Terus pegi ke Pelangi. Lepak umah Yus sementara tunggu Enal balik keje.

Dinner kat Seksyen 6, kedai din (as they called it). Order siakap tiga rasa, kembung masak pedas, sup ekor, sup tulang, sayur kailan, telur dadar, hmmm kenyang. Aku kan tak lunch tadi. Tapi kita layan aje la selera preggy woman aka Yus. Takde gambar, macam segan.

Then singgah lak kat Uptown KD, browsing around aje.

Anta diorang balik, then sampai umah dah nak pukul 12.