Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Muara Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan

Haih, x abis lagi nak update citer last week.

Sunday nite, went to fetch MIL, FIL and Yus to go to OU. Papa wanted to buy them dinner. We have to go to OU first to pick Enal, then only went out for dinner. Enal will be finishing his work on 10 pm, so all of us while waiting for him, browsing around OU.

Haqimie buat sand-colouring of his fave character, Ben10.

Then, memula nak pegi minum2 kat Starbucks, tapi since the kiddos pon batuk2 lagi, tak jadi, bawak la pegi minum kedai mamak kat bawah tu. Haqimie dan Qayyum makan roti canai, me yang suruh sbb nak dia lapik perut before the real dinner.

Then, pegi Jusco pulak. Ingat nak beli Thomas's train, tapi macam mahal, tengok kat WMC lagi murah. So, x jadi.

Then, Enal dah abis keje, baru la headed ke Muara Ikan Bakar Pulau Harapan. Banyak seafood dah abes, juz dapat udang, sotong, ikan siakap, tu pon last piece.

Half udang half sotong masak tomyam ngan goreng tepung, ikan siakap masak stim. Overall, ikan steam mmg sedap. Yang lain tu biasa aje.

Sunday's lunch

Tumeric Fried Chicken with Vege for the kids.

Chicken in Coconut Milk Gravy (Masak Lemak Ayam). 1st trial. Okey la tapi tak cukup pedas. Since Papa kena keje, so boleh la try menda-menda tak penah dimasak before.

Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Cooked this dish on Saturday nite.

Mi Hailam

Saturday's Lunch

Ikan Masak Kicap, Sambal Cencaluk + Kacang botol, Sup Ayam
Been quite bz this week, no time to update my blog. Anyways, here are some of the stories regarding last week's events.

Last Friday, after work, went to night market at Kompleks Muhibbah to buy some veges. Also tapau'ed' meehoon soup. Papa had a plate of char kuey tiow. Afterwards, went to Mak Ndak's house to pick my MIL and FIL. They were going to overnight in our house. But as usual, have to wait for some unnecessary things.

Around 8 pm, then only we made our way back. I cooked sambal ikan sembilang, sup sayur and fishball and fried tilapia fish for dinner.

The next day, I was on my Saturday leave. But Papa had to go to work, so MIL and FIL followed him. Papa will be sending them back to Mak Ndak's house.

I dunno what's wrong with the Astro cabel, we cannot get to watch the TV. In fact for three whole holidays can't watch so I get the kids to watch DVDs only. Boring!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


While for me, I had Chilli Padi Chicken. This dish also will be brought to the office tomorrow. Wonder why me working tomorrow, hence it's Christmas? Well, ask my Mrs Boss-too-clever-yet-dumb!

Chilli Crab

Papa requested to have this dish for last nite's dinner.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The other day that we went to Yus's house, my MIL cooked Ayam Masak Halia. I have cooked that kind of dish several times before but I never thought it would be called Ayam Masak Halia. So sedap la...

Then the next day, me cooked the same dish.

Sue requested for this recipe. So here it is.

Ayam Masak Halia

6 ketul ayam - digoreng kunyit - ketepikan
1 labu bawang besar - dihiris
2 ulas bawang putih - dihiris
3 hiris halia - julienned
1/2 pokok brokoli - flowerette
1/2 lobak merah - dipotong kecil
1/2 biji capsicum merah - didadu
1/2 biji capsicum hijau - didadu
kalau takde capsicum, cili merah hiris pon boleh
sedikit minyak
sedikit lada hitam
2-3 sudu besar sos tiram
sedikit air

Panaskan minyak, tumis bahan-bahan hiris hingga wangi. Masukkan bahagian sayur yang keras, buka api besar dan saute sekejap aje, tambah sedikit air jika perlu.
Masukkan brokoli, buka api besar, saute sekejap aje. Then, masukkan ayam, sos tiram, lada hitam. Kacau hingga mendidih dan angkat.

Sambal Ikan Kerisi

Sayur Campur

Kari Ikan Sembilang

This is last Saturday's story. Cooked Kari Ikan Sembilang since dah lama tak masuk dapur, asyik tapau aje. So teringat la nak buat this dish for Papa.

Ikan Sembilang bergulai ni aku tak makan, I just eat the fried with sambal one.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Last weekend

Nothing much to tell. On Friday, after work, Papa brought us to Yus's place because my MIL had arrived from Taiping. But when we arrived, just left Yus and Enal whereas the other went out shopping. So, we waited until 9 something, Qayyum was not well. So we decided to go home, maybe later we'll come back. Anyhow, ada la something arise kan, regarding the other SIL - the menantu 'kesayangan'.

So, Saturday after work, we just went back home straight from my office. Qayyum still on fever. Whole day staying at home - doing house chores.

Sunday, thought of going to Ida's reception, but my Qayyum still not very well plus my MIL was here, and Papa just came back from work, so I have to cancel the plan. Only after maghrib we made our way to Tesco first then only to Yus's house. By that time, Qayyum was okay already except for coughs and cold. Stayed there for dinner then around 11 something, back to our precious house.

PS: Ida, deeply sorry can't make it to ur reception.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cerita Hari Ahad

Sunday morning, as usual kalau Papa takde hal, dia akan ajak breakfast kat Kg Melayu Subang, his fave nasi lemak. Ajak Yus ngan Enal, tapi diorang kata dah tak sempat sebab Enal masuk noon, so kitorang aje la pegi. Tapi tapau la kan untuk Yus, mengidam la katakan.


Papa makan nasi lemak, Haqimie dan Qayyum kongsi makan roti canai dan me makan lontong marvellous dia tu.

Tapau dua bungkus untuk Yus.



Lepas makan, jenjalan sampai ke Menara Pan Global, Jalan Tandang coz Papa nak tgk Converse Warehouse Sales, tapi end up beli Kappa sandals. Papa kata all the COnverse macam tak ori, made in China. But Kappa ori. Me dunno, sebab dah rasa nak demam, dengan bauk habuk asik nak terbersin, so duduk kat reception ngan the kiddos sambil tunggu Papa finish his shopping.

Then singgah ke Pelangi hantar nasi lemak dan terus balik, and yes me dah start demam.

Cerita Hari Sabtu 2

After the late lunch, we went touring inside MV. Okey la decor dia ... Fun-fair theme.





Later, we went to KL kejap, then fetch Enal kat Pelangi pulak and went for dinner at Triple 2. Me tak makan pon sebab still full, just rasa laksa sikit Haqimie punya. Almost midnite baru sampai umah dan rasa cam nak demam.

Cerita Hari Sabtu

Last Saturday, after work, we went for kindergarten-hunting for our precious son, Haqimie. A day before, I already called 2 kinders, one is Little Caliph and another was Pasti Little Mukmin.

The Little Caliph's (KD) owner, such a friendly person, I must say. But when I heard the fees, I was quite shocked. RM835 per annum (excluding monthly fee). So that means, if I were to enrol Haqimie, I must prepare a sum of almost 1k alone for his kindy. OMG, why la so mahal kan, like nak enrol masuk U pulak. Ades.... Tapi I consider to take a tour first. Then I called Pasti. the first number cannot be reached so I called the other number. But the receiver was not pleasant enough to my hearing. Macam malas nak jawab je.

So, we went to Little Caliph first. Yes, the environment was pleasant, plus the teacher (Puan Rohani is friendly). The syllabus offered also quite interesting, but I want to make a comparison first.

After that, we went to Pasti but it was closed.

Then, went to Genius Aulad in Section 8. Okay, cheaper than Little Caliph. But if to sum up, sama aje kosnya dengan Little Caliph. If I want to enrol Haqimie into LC, kena prepare around 600++ for kindy and nursery for both of them.

Tapi kalau GA pulak, still lebih kurang, even tho cheaper, tapi kena prepare untuk transportation pulak. So sama aje la.

Pasti is quite affordable for us. Monthly RM85 and reg fee is 400++. Still have to decide.

Later on, we went back home, took a bath, then off to MV to see the Xmas display that Papa's team had done. Hujan selebat-lebatnya masa on the way nak fetch Yus kat Pelangi.

Perut dah lapar giler, at that time dah 4 something, still tak lunch lagi. That morning I had Bihun Sup.

Sampai MV, Papa tanya nak makan akt Little Penang ke Madam Kwan. I never try MK before so I asked for it. Selalu tgk review orang so this time I wanna try Nasi Bojari myself, tempting tgk quarter of chicken tu.

So me ordered Nasi Bojari, Papa had Nasi Lemak, Yus had Kuey Tiow Soup. For drinks, we ordered Milo, Coffee and Teh Tarik. Overall, sedap la jugak and full until dinner. No pixies taken, sebab segan.

Sambung next entry.


Tuesday's morning, kepala still berat, berdenyut-denyut. Qayyum pon demam, so I decided not to go to the office. I just smsed Awien only.

Take a short nap, then Qayyum jaga, buat susu, sidai kain, lepak sekejap. Dah rasa okey sikit, start kemas umah, lipat segunung kain, vakum (demam terlebih rajin la pulak). Masak nasi, suap Qayyum. Oh ya, Haqimie was sent to the nursery, sbb I thought aku tak larat, so better dia ke nursery, otherwise he'll make me more sakit kepala, sbb idea dia untuk menyepah banyak sangat, nanti aku yang hangin.

Petang sementara tunggu Papa and Haqimie balik, goreng fries. Qayyum still tido.

Malam dah okey sikit kepala, tapi batuk-batuk pulak.


Dah 2 hari tak jenguk any blogs including mine - demam la...

Last Monday, took half day leave, pegi clinic, even tho tak larat nak datang keje sebab sakit kepala sangat, tapi datang jugak la after lunch, sbb tak dapat MC satu, lagipun am not going to panel clinic, but near my house area, so kalau dapat MC pon tak dikira.

Thought after swallowing the headache pill sumer, dah OK, tapi gettin' worse la pulak. Kepala berat giler, me banyak melepek je kat depan comp@mac. Orang sembang sumer rasa macam dreaming all the way, so amik keputusan nak lepak kat stor bawah, lantak la sapa nak cari, kalo jumpa aku tgh try nak tido.

Lama jugak la, then Awien turun cari (she knew that I was there), cakap Ian cari. Naik atas, kebetulan pulak Mrs Boss pon baru nak masuk. Jumpa Ian, tanya itu ini, aku cakap sori la ari ni I tak larat, sbb demam. Then he said OK.

Try nak sambung buat kerja, tapi tak boleh, giler-giler punya sakit kepala, so aku pi pantry and makan ubat demam + ubat pening. Then terus melepek kat pantry sampai nak dekat pukul 6 even tho Mrs Boss was around that time. Siksanya nak tunggu pukul 6 tau.

Pukul 6 sharp, turun bawah tunggu Papa. Malam, tapau bihun sup kat pasar malam, makan ubat terus dozed off sampai pagi.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Haqimie!

Last Sunday was Haqimie 4th birthday. That time we were in PD. No candles blowed, mana nak cari kek, sumer kedai pon tutup, yang ada pon non-halal je rupanya. So, nyanyi-nyanyi kat dia, suka Abang.

But since today am gonna send him and Qayyum to the nursery, so I bought some goodies for the goodie bags to be distributed among the kiddos. I also bought a cake for him to blow the candles surrounded by his friends.

I love u, Haqimie even tho mama selalu marah jugak sebab Abang tanak dengar cakap mama :)

Ada la sikit-sikit pixies, tapi mana pulak kamera ni?

OU lagi

Xmas deco at OU

Keje Papa ada related ngan sumer benda alah ni, so harus la nak tgk other people's displays kan.

Meeting Yus and Enal

Haqimie actually merajuk sebab kena marah dengan Papa, biasa la nakal kan, but then Qayyum pujuk la abang dia gitu. Masa ni kitorang tengah tunggu kat parking Pelangi, Yus dengan Enal on the way nak balik.

Lepas tu kitorang pegi OU, Papa nak tgk display xmas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Avillion Admiral Cove, PD

Since it was still raining, the kids and Papa tak boleh la nak swimming.

Avillion Admiral Cove, PD

Hujan sampai pagi. Nak pegi kafe untuk breakfast kena jalan kaki sikit, so the hotel provided us with umbrellas. Punya la ramai, sampai takde meja. Nampak aje meja kosong, terus cop dulu.

Buffet breakfast, okay la. We had nasi lemak, daging goreng, sosej, roti canai, pastries, roti sampai kenyang. Ngeh!