Wednesday, June 11, 2008


All the thing seems to be far away....

Suddenly I'm singing this song. Nothing about it anyway, but I love this song, the only song that I like by The Beatles.

Hmm, yesterday at first I thought I wanna stay back in the office to finish up whatever layouts (2nd proofs) that I had. It's better that I stay back during these few days since Papa will be back early, so I don't have problems to stay back. When it comes for him to stay back, I can't stay back. But then, suddenly, the laziness of me came. I tried to call Papa a few times but cannot reach, maybe he was in the underground office, no network over there.

6.30 pm, he called me. I said I wanna go back, than he said, it's already 6.30... I said, I still wanna go back. So he said, okay... (Well by the time he arrived to my office, it was already 7, normally I will stay back until 8, so now u understand why he asked me earlier, right?)

I don't care, in my mind, there was a lot of things that I want to settle in our house. I wanna do the cleaning, cooking, etc, etc...)

Jammed like hell all the way. It was all because of the reconstructions of the road. Sometimes I think this thing will make the road unsafe for us, the motorists.

Arrived home, I directly went to the kitchen, took out the seafood. At the same time, I also press the washing machine to start working.

I cooked masak lemak ketam with tomatoes (i don't have pineapples) and sambal tumis udang petai. Crabs are Haqimie and Papa's fave. I prefer the prawns since it's quite difficult to enjoy crabs with all their hard shells.

Our meals for tonite's dinner

After dinner, I hang the clothes outside since I know I'll never have much time to do that in the morning. I swept and mopped the floor. I guess Papa will be very surprise to see my 'kerajinan'. Me seldomly have enough times fot those house chores. I thought of folding the clothes-in-baskets-already-for-few-days but I was just tired. After putting Qayyum to sleep, it's Mummy's turn!

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