Friday, June 6, 2008

4th June 2008 (Wednesday)

Have to wake up early coz I'm going to work today. I didn't cook anything for breakfast, but only prepared 2 mugs of Nescafe Breakfast. Easy, isn't it?

First day to send Haqimie over to Kak Mimi's house, he cried but me and Papa just ignore and off to work. Haqimie is always like that, cry cry cry then only he'll feel better. I called Kak Mimi during lunch hour and she said, Haqimie was okay.... Kan I dah kata?

Julie called me to her office. She gave an increment letter of RM1++. Alhamdulillah. There was also another cheque for me which I'm not intend to disclose about it here.

I also told her that I'm sending my children to the nearby nursery (nak hidup kan, otherwise she'll push me to stayback every day which was the reason I want to resign before). Hopefully, she'll understand that I can't berumahtangga kat office like I used before.

Went back early, it was raining heavily. Reached home at 7 pm. Picked our children. 8 something went out to Yus's new house at Pelangi Damansara since I had left something back in Taiping and had asked them to bring it back for me. Her house looked okay to me. Just nice. Thought of bringing them for dinner but Enal already bought mee goreng mamak. Aler, baru nak pegi makan kat Triple 2, nak makan laksa la.... Tak jadi pulak....

10 pm went back to our house.

Oh ya, on the way to Enal's house and back, there were long queues in every petrol stations. Tomorrow the fuel price will be increased, and Papa didn't have any chance to fill up the tank.. Tak koser nak tgu berejam, tgu pon dah RM10 minyak terbakar...

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