Friday, June 6, 2008

Penang, here we come!!

Straight from Enal's house, we were heading for a quick holiday, or shall I say honeymoon.... with kiddos to Batu Feringghi, Penang. We checked-in to the Holiday Inn at 5 pm, yes kinda late because it was raining before and we were stucked at the toll plaza. Quite a nice hotel, I must say, compared to the other one that we stayed during last Raya... (Hydro Majestic Hotel). I like this one better, all ASTRO channels are provided and the bathroom was pleasant to my viewing.

After checked-in, have a quick bath then went down for beach-viewing and DVD-hunting. Oh ya, I forgot to bring my sandals, so I bought one (hey, CD sandals wakakakak) for RM12. DVD was RM4 per pc, much cheaper than in KL.

The room

Papa with Haqimie and Qayyum

After a little shopping, we went to the stall just next to our hotel to have dinner. We ordered tomyam campur, telur dadar and sotong masak pedas (all are my hubby's faves). I went up to the room because Qayyum was sleepy already together with Haqimie while Papa was continuing his DVD-hunting till midnight.

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