Friday, June 6, 2008

~A Thought~

I don't really understand why some people likes to poke other people. I mean, why should you say or do something unpleasant to somebody who are don't really bother about you? Sometimes, realize or not, intentionally or not, something that came out from your mouth might hurt others' feelings.

I'm talking about last weekend's event. Like my previous entries, this kind of things happened just the same day as the feast. My brother-in-law (BIL), to me, is such a pathetic person. I never like his jokes, to me all his jokes like the 'Senario' jokes. Lawak bodoh, and I just wonder why still got people who laughed to his jokes. I don't know, maybe I'm the one who felt his jokes were all silly.

Since we were still in the engagement period, he already started to make the sarcastic jokes, at least to me, to others I don't know. It was not really something that we can call as jokes, it was more like 'perli'.

Same goes with his wife. I don't know why they always felt unsatisfied towards me. I never touched them, I never say anything to hurt them, I never bother about their lives, so why should they? I know I'm not as beautiful as her, nor thin like her? So what's the point?

He picked Qayyum and hold him to his shoulder. Qayyum, being a 'manja + sleepy' boy at that time, put his head on BIL's shoulder. And guess what BIL said?

"Tengok ni, manjanya dia. Ni la anak kurang kasih sayang, Papa dia slalu balik lewat, sian dia...." And he repeated those words not only once, but twice!

Me being a mother was so incensed to hear those words. Kalau ikutkan ati aku, mmg aku nak sound balik, Tapi think about the presence of my father-in-law, I cancelled.

This is what I intended to poke him back...

"Takpe la, balik lambat pon still ari2 balik umah, takde la smp 2-3 minggu tak balik, lari dari rumah!"

Memang dah nak keluar sgt dah those words.... tapi sabar.... Kita orang beradat, not like them husband and wife... cakap ikut sedap je (it was something else but I deleted it!)

Can he even think that, whose children actually don't get enough love? Mine or his? My answer is, of course his. His wife is a were-tiger, garang giler... and he always fought with his wife until he always ran away from, stayed in friends's house for 2-3 weeks, never go home. So anak sapa yang tak cukup kasih sayang? And laki sapa pulak tak cukup belaian? Sendiri mau pikir la sebelum nak kata orang.

That is one thing. Another thing happened the next day. That time I was handling my children, and he passed by. He talked to my eldest son and said, "Dah la idung kembang, mata besar." Yes I know he wanted to make it like a joke, but to me it was an insult!

Yes, I do admit that my sons's noses are 'kembang'. They used to use that word in every events that we joined, make it like a 'joke'. Fine, 4-5 times I still can save the anger, but that day, I really cannot tolerate anymore.

I replied,
"Takpe la kalau kembang pon, bukannya cacat!" And his wife was also there. Ingat wife dia sorang je leh tersentap, haku pon boleh. Itu kira nasib baik la dah 4-5 kali terkena baru nak sentap, bukan mcm orang tu, skali pon dah meroyan...

They are lucky because I'm not a bad-mouthed person, kalau dapat orang yang laser, dah lama kena dah. I know who I am, I can tolerate any kinds of insultations, but there's always a limit. When you keep saying those unkind things to me, what I did was, I'll ignore that person.... TOTALLY even though he or she was right in front of me.... I'll make it like they won't even exist!

I'm not a sharp-tongue person, but I'm a silent fighter. I won't talk to you and I banned you! I think this kind of action is more noticeable than mouth-fighting. And that's what I did to both of them.

I have ignored them since last Raya. Why, I just can't stand with people who always took chance to sindir2 time we had conversations. Kenapa nak sindir2? Apa yang ko tak puas ati? Ada ke aku kacau life ko? Setau aku, tak penah pon amik port pasal life ko... Ko beli new furnitures ke, new car ke, I don't give a damn!

And yet, they are the one who owed us? Tak reti2 nak repay the hutang?

So why u should bother about mine? Papa asked me whether I had a chat with her or not? And I said, no, why should I? For what I wanna have a chat with people who always looked down on you? And Papa just nodded.

If you really know me, then you'll know what type of person I am. I can be friendly to anybody despite my 'sombong'-looking face. You can rarely hear cursing words from me or me insulting other people nor me asik nak perli orang. But I did't say that I'm an angel, no... am not a perfect person also, but bear in mind, why should you sindir2 orang when orang takde pon nak wat cenggitu kat ko?

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