Thursday, June 5, 2008

28th May 2008 (Wednesday)

Papa asked us to start our journey back to the kampung today, but I refused since I wanted to tidy up our house which was so macam tongkang pecah, and I want to rest. You know, if u go back to the kampung, u will not have enough rest. So I insisted to have enough rest before facing up more tasks. In fact, the brides also will be back tomorrow so why we bother to go back earlier?

But, actually, Papa said, he planned to go to Penang first, to have a quick holiday.... Laaa, awat tak habaq awai2...ekekkek.... Papa kata ooooo... tang holiday laju je.... ater holiday la katakan... tapi dah terlambat so tak jadik la.... rest ajer la kat umah....

In the evening, went to Low Yat Plaza because Papa wanted to buy a new charger for his iPod... the old one cannot function anymore.

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