Thursday, June 12, 2008

~Not well~

Am not feeling very well today, in fact since last night. Yesterday, I had nasi lemak for breakfast, nasi goreng ayam mamak style for lunch (Ane 'tapau'ed for me and Awin) and for dinner, I had home-cooked seafood tomyam.

I didn't know which one made me feel sick. Last night, at 10 pm, suddenly I got a fever. Made me wrapped in blanket, and my head was spinning. I tried to sleep, but my head kept spinning, my tummy felt bloated, and to make things worst, at 4 am, I got diaorrhea. Not only once, but so many times till this morning.

I swallowed 2 pcs of panadols at 4 am, so my fever has gone, but my tummy continues to bloat and it really feels uncomfortable. At first, I thought of not coming to work, but I know Julie must be very very mad if I did so. So, even though I prefer to lie down at home, I still made my way to the office. On the way, tapau some kuihs, untuk alas perut, sbb mmg dah kosong sgt.

In the office, tried to finish 1 pc of bingka roti but macam susah sangat nak habiskan, not to say to finish the other two kuihs. Tak sentuh langsung. Made a mug of milked nescafe, and usually I can finish within an hour, but till now still got half of mug. And yes, I vomited just now....

Food poisoning, I think....

And I'm going to get a half-day leave, no matter if it's approved or not. Am going to Mediviron to seek medication. I can't even concentrate on my work.

But then, just before I wanted to ask Julie for 1/2 day leave, she held a meeting. And in the meeting she was talking about people who always taking MCs la, leaves la, bla bla bla... Laaa cam hancur je harapan aku nih... tapi takpe la, I called Papa kata tak jadi nak amik 1/2 day, sbb pas muntah tadi rasa cam dah okey sket.

Tapau nasi campur (lauk ikan pari asam pedas, sup kubis dan suhun), nasi separuh. In the end, I just ate around 3-4 suapan je. Tak lalu, tak leh masuk, and all the food were tasteless to me.

After lunch, I felt very dizzy, mmg tak larat giler.... Tak leh jadik nih, I decided to ask Julie for a time-off. Called Papa, asked him to fetch me at 3 pm. 1/2 an hour I just sat down at the 1st floor room, melepek kejap. Mmg x larat. 3 something, went to Mediviron. And the doc I don't know what to say la... dia tak check aku langsung. Tak amik blood pressure, heartbeat, or temperature. Just tanya aku sakit apa, sejak bila, pastuh dia kata dia akan bagi ubat. Tak sampai 5 minit pon consultation dia...

Then balik umah, Papa tapau kuey tiow goreng, goreng pisang, cucur udang.... Goreng pisang seketul pon aku amik masa nak dekat 2 jam untuk abiskan, itu pon x abis. Memang sampai je umah, tido melepek. Kepala berat sangat. Tak amik pon Qimie ngan Qayyum, Kak Mimi pon paham. Papa pegi keje balik. Pukul 6 lebih dia balik, aku still melepek.

Bawak mandi syampu ngan Head and Shoulder Menthol nak kasi lega sakit kepala, still won't do wonders. Malam Papa ajak temankan dia tapau since takde sapa nak pegang Qayyum (Qimie tanak balik lak time tuh, sonok agaknya belajar membaca). Soh Papa beli Panadol Actifast (ya, doc tak bagi ubat pening atau demam), air cap badak, koyok...

Balik umah, bawak2 makan nasik ngan sup ekor (supnya aje)... janji perut berisi, in case of throwing-up, at least got something come out from the stomach – learnt from pregnancies, kalau perut masuk angin, and u tak makan, end-up muntah, ha rasakan pahit sepahit2nya bila takde menda nak dimuntahkan). so better u eat something, even so little, at least when u throw up, u won't feel so teruk.

Pas makan, makan panadol, bubuh koyok kat kepala, sempat lagi cakap kat Papa, kalau esok x okey nak ajak dia pegi Klinik Prima kat depan tuh je, lantak la kena bayar pon. Pegi klinik panel pon bukannya baik pon.

At last, at 10 something baru la Qimie nak balik, itu pon membebel naper tak bawak dia pegi kedai makan.

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