Friday, June 6, 2008

3rd June 2008 (Tuesday)

Arrived Sg Buloh at 3 am, Nyah was already here. Unloaded the things from our car then everybody started to doze off already. But I already told Papa that I think I want to ponteng keje tomorrow. He just smiled. That night, he had a bad cough, so I told him to get an MC tomorrow, but being his other half I know that he is not that kind of person, he always committed to work.

But, to my surprise, the next morning, after I sms-ed my boss, he told me to sms his boss and colleague also. Hey, nak ponteng jugak ke, ekekekkek....

So, both of us mmg le ponteng, doing some house chores (aku le, dia layan DVD ngan kiddos). Tapi kan ke ujan ari2, kain2 sumer tak kering, so dah macam kedai dobi dah umah aku.

Around noon, Nyah and family brought mom to the follow-up check-up in Selayang Hospital then they will straight going back to Jengka.

That night, because I didn't stock any fresh food, so we went for dinner Tesco Damansara at Madam Lim's Restaurant. We ordered Tomyam Seafood (as always), Sambal Fish Fillet, Kiwi Smoothies, plain water, 2 plates of white rice. Costs us RM41.80.

Went up to Tesco, thought of buying some fish, but Papa said he didn't want to buy coz all looked not-so-fresh-enough. Well, okay, just bought some groceries.

Arrived home 12 am.

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