Monday, June 9, 2008

Roxy's Party

Last Saturday was the birthday of Agong. We planned to go to Sunway Lagoon for Roxy's Party since Papa got free ticket (admits for 2) + the children for free, I guess. 1 o'clock, we went off and arrived only at 3 pm since the road was jammed all the way from where I don't know.

When we arrived there, lots of teenagers were outside the location. I didn't have mood anymore to join, lots of people, hoccay. And being me, I always hate crowded places, be it night club, concerts, etc... those occasions will make me headache. Plus the kids summore, no no, I told Papa to cancel the intention to join, might as well we go inside Sunway Pyramid to have our lunch.

Inside SP, also lots of people, most of them were teenagers, clad in their beach-like outfits. We searched for Kenny Rogers up and down (well, it's been ages since we stepped inside SP)... Alas, found it.

We had 2 plates of quarter chicken set, with mine I asked cheese macaroni, rice, and pasta salad for side dishes. Papa asked for coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and corn kernels, iced milked chocolate, iced caramel chocolate, and a plate of mushroom soup for the kiddos.

Total: RM58.40

We ended up went to Mid Valley, Papa need to go to the office, to return some of stuffs plus took some other stuffs. Then, we went back home, took a nap.

9 pm, went to pasar malam Paya Jaras to buy some fresh food. We bought ikan merah, ikan sembilang, sotong and some other stuffs.

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