Friday, June 6, 2008

2nd June 2008 (Monday)

Woke up early and took a bath. Then headed down to the cafe to have the complimentary breakfast provided. Ate here and there... some fried meehoon, sausage, hash brown, coco crunch and milk for Haqimie, some pastries, waffle, chicken curry (tasteless)... and the list goes on.

After that, went to the beach side. Brought Haqimie and Qayyum to touch their feet to the not-so-clear sea water... They laughed happily....

I didn't brought the camera along since Papa can't remember where he keep the spare battery.

Suddenly, it was raining heavily so we decided just to go back upstairs and me started to pack up things. Yeah, sad enough we only got 1 day spare only... what to do, there was a lot of things that we have to settle.

We headed to Taiping, MIL's house. On the way back, we paid a visit to Papa's Pak Long's restaurant in Kubu Gajah, Selama. Had our lunch there. I had a half plate of kuey tiow bandung (mee sold out already) and 1/2 bowl of mihun sup. The mihun sup was yummy!

Then, we went back to Taiping, had to get some rest before heading back to KL. Tomorrow have to work. Owh, so lazy to think about work!

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