Thursday, August 14, 2008

~Penat~ 2nd


Still hot. Am really worried so I smsed Julie, told her that my son still not OK. I thought of taking a full day EL. But then, around 10 am, Julie called. She asked about my work progress. Then only she asked about my son's condition. She insisted I will come on Saturday and finish up all. What? Ridiculous! That's all I can think.

At first Papa wanted to take 1/2 day EL, but then when Qayyum's temperature went down, I said I want to go to work, otherwise I can't finish my work on time. Yes, I know, me sounds ridiculous, but I thought he was OK already. So Papa took full day leave and sent me to the office at 1.30 pm. Julie was not around, his father was still in the ICU. Heard that the doc asked them to pray. Anyway, I just managed to finish half of the PMR 1.

Qayyum's face was so RED and his body's hot. I felt angry to myself for neglecting my own son just because I want to finish my work.

That night was a sleepless night, Qayyum meragam sampai pagi.

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