Thursday, August 14, 2008

~Penat~ 1st

Starting from last Thurday until Monday, those days had been quite hard/busy/tiring but sometimes leisure for me. Why? Because my little Qayyum got high fever on Thursday (39.6ÂșC). At first Kak Ana, the principal of the Taska Shanana called me at 2 pm, told that Qayyum's body was quite hot. She afraid there might be 'sawan tarik'. She also afraid that Qayyum might have dengue fever. So I quickly called Papa (he was at home that time, after came back from setting up that morning). He didn't answered me, then I called my bubbly neighbour, Kak Mimi, asked her to call Papa. Then I called Papa again. Julie was not in, his father was in ICU.

What made me worried was this is the 3rd time Qayyum got a fever in 2 months time. That made me being in an uncontrollable state of mind.

I took half day emergency leave, told Ian. We picked the two kiddies and headed to the clinic. The doctor gave Qayyum the suppository. I asked him whether this is a symptom of dengue fever, but the doctor said no. Dengue fever doesn't come with flu and cough. Well, I relieved. He said, if still not well after 3 days, I should bring him back.

The temperatute went down already. But it went high that night, made me sick worried. Can't sleep, takut sawan tarik.

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