Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2 kali

Masuk semalam, dah dua kali dah Si Haqimie mengadu kazen dia, si M* kat taska yang sama dok cubit dia. First time, I didn't take note, coz I thought it was just kiddy things.

Then, yesterday, once again he told me that M pinched him again. I asked him to show where, he showed me at the thigh area but I didn't get the chance to have a look since we were in the car and I'm holding Qayyum on my lap. So I thought, nevermind, I'll have a look later on.

Then, before we went to sleep, I put a diaper on him and that was when I saw a bruise on his thigh. So rasanya Qimie tak buat cerita la kan, lebam tu biru okey! I asked him again, who did this (I thought he's going to point out some other names). But he answered, Abang M* cubit Abang.

Grrr... yes as a mother, I'm angry.

Tapi memikirkan tentang all the consequences yang akan terjadi if I were to complaint to his mother, jadi malas. Dah la diorang laki bini ada krisis, so I think for the time being, aku akan simpan je dulu. Maybe some other time if this kind of thing happen again, I will consult with his father, which is my BIL.

Mentang-mentang anak aku lagi kecik daripada dia, boleh la dia buli?

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Anonymous said...

lebam beb? huh kalo aku dah lama aku berarak ke umah mak pak budak tu...meh sini aku kutil anak dia lakkk...!