Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baju raya

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I bought this authentic Guess shirt from here. I thought of buying it for Haqimie since the size stated was for 4 yr-old, the seller did gave the measurement in inches but I thought it will fit nicely on Haqimie. But then when the thing came, it looked so tiny that it can fit my Qayyum. So I decided to give it to Qayyum. When I brought the shirt back and said that it was for Qayyum, Haqimie's face looked sad and said that he wanted to try the shirt. Well, being a fair mom, I said to him that I'll buy the exact shirt for him tomorrow, which I did. I picked the 10yrs (XXL) for him. Hope it will be fitted him well.

So, this morning I received the parcel. Thankies to younglady for the efficient service. I hope Haqimie will be happy since he got one too!

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The parcel

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The same shirt, but bigger!

They will look the same on this coming Hari Raya!

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